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Question 1: At a press-conference unveiling, however, Horton's creation burst into flames when exposed to ________, and, with human-like sentience, personality, and awareness.

Question 2: The Torch served the Avengers for many issues before losing his powers to save the former superheroine Spitfire in the 1990s series ________.
NamorJack KirbyWolverine (comics)Stan Lee

Question 3: [12] When the camp is shut down by ________, an angry mob tore down the statue.
Green GoblinSecret War (comics)Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)Stan Lee

Question 4: during an attempt to kill the ________.
Mad ThinkerNamorStan LeeShe-Hulk

Question 5: Sometime afterward, the Torch was placed in deactivation sleep in the ________; an atomic bomb test awoke him.
Colorado PlateauGreat BasinSonoran DesertMojave Desert

Question 6: A "________" from the Torch gave Spitfire her superspeed powers, and prevented her conversion to one of the undead;[23] a second transfusion decades later saved her life and restored her youth.
Blood donationBlood transfusionIntraoperative blood salvageTransfusion reaction

Question 7: The Human Torch was one of Timely Comics' three signature characters, along with ________ and Namor the Sub-Mariner.
Wolverine (comics)HYDRACaptain AmericaAdvanced Idea Mechanics

Question 8: Unlike Captain America and the Sub-Mariner, the original Human Torch has had only a small presence in the post-1950s Marvel ________ and is closely associated with the Golden Age.
ComicsGraphic novelAmerican comic bookComic book

Question 9: [5] With the Invaders, he was soon brainwashed by the ________ and battled the Liberty Legion.
Captain AmericaBlack Widow (Natalia Romanova)Red SkullNick Fury

Question 10: Created by writer-artist ________, he first appeared in Marvel Comics #1 (Oct.1939), published by Marvel's predecessor, Timely Comics.
Stan LeeAtlas Comics (1950s)Bill EverettCarl Burgos


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