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Question 1: In 1188, ________ published Topographia Hibernica, an illustrated manuscript.
Gerald of WalesBishop of St David'sRhys ap GruffyddJohn of England

Question 2: [2] In the ________, the goat was associated with the Devil as one of his preferred forms, often in connection with sexual deviance.
Early Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesMiddle AgesLate Middle Ages

Question 3: In ________ a Sudanese man was caught using his neighbor's goat for sex.

Question 4: In ________, at the temple in Mendes, the goat was viewed as the incarnation of the god of procreation.
Alexander the GreatNew KingdomAncient EgyptPtolemaic Kingdom

Question 5: Of male zoophiles, 28% admitted sexual attraction to ________, ranking fourth.
MilkCattleGoatDomestic sheep

Question 6: There is a famous statue of the mythological satyr Pan using a goat for sex, which was found in ________.

Question 7: [1] Similar activity was also witnessed in ________.
Roman GreeceClassical antiquityAncient GreeceAlexander the Great

Question 8: Human-goat sexual intercourse is one of the more common types of ________.
ParaphiliaPedophiliaZoophiliaSexual fetishism

Question 9: The ________ are an ethnic group of about 20,000 to 50,000 people[3] living in northern Namibia, in the Kunene region (formerly Kaokoland).
HimbaHereroNamaquaHerero language

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