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Question 1: ________ is an imaginary line circumscribing the hull that matches the surface of the water when the hull is not moving.
WaterlineStability conditions (watercraft)Hull (watercraft)Classification society

Question 2: Control devices such as a ________, trim tabs or stabilizing fins may be fitted.
StrakeCompassRudderAircraft flight control system

Question 3: In fiberglass or composite hulls, the structure may resemble wooden or steel vessels to some extent, or be of a ________ arrangement.
AutomobileMonocoqueGlobal Positioning SystemBody-on-frame

Question 4: A hull is the watertight body of a ship or ________.
Traditional fishing boatsCanoeBoatHull (watercraft)

Question 5: Typical examples of a semi-round bilge hull can be found in the ________ and Laser cruising dinghies.
CentaurApolloHeraGreek mythology

Question 6: Rafts have a hull of sorts, however, hulls of the earliest design are thought to have each consisted of a hollowed out tree bole: in effect the first ________.
CanoeKayakWhitewater canoeingWhitewater kayaking

Question 7: The inverted bell shape of the hull, with smaller payload the ________ cross-section is less, hence the resistance is less and the speed is higher.
WaterlineStability conditions (watercraft)Hull (watercraft)Classification society

Question 8: Draft (d) or (T) is the vertical distance from the bottom of the hull to the ________.
Classification societyWaterlineHull (watercraft)Stability conditions (watercraft)

Question 9: The line where the hull meets the water surface is called the ________.
Hull (watercraft)WaterlineStability conditions (watercraft)Classification society

Question 10: Hull form then proceeded to the ________ shape and on to more sophisticated forms as the science of Naval architecture advanced.
CoracleTraditional fishing boatsCurrachFishing vessel

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