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Question 1: Sean Francis Lemass, Taoiseach of Ireland from 1959-1966, was of Huguenot immigrants who settled in ________.

Question 2: Three years later, during the ________, Protestants were finally granted full citizenship.
French DirectoryNational ConventionFrench RevolutionNational Constituent Assembly

Question 3: Huguenot refugees flocked to Shoreditch, ________ in large numbers.

Question 4: [5] With similar scorn, some suggested the name was derived from les guenon de Hus (the monkeys or apes of ________).
HussiteJan HusPragueCatholic Church

Question 5: ________ invited Huguenots to settle in his realms, and a number of their descendants rose to positions of prominence in Prussia.
Frederick II of PrussiaGeorge William, Elector of BrandenburgFrederick I of PrussiaFrederick William I, Elector of Brandenburg

Question 6: Some Huguenots fought in the Low Countries alongside the Dutch against Spain during the first years of the ________.
William the SilentDutch RepublicDutch RevoltEighty Years' War

Question 7: There are many families, today mostly ________-speaking, whose surnames bear witness to their French Huguenot ancestry.
Dutch languageEnglish languageAfrikaansZulu language

Question 8: And as both spoke French in everyday life, their court church in the Prinsenhof in ________ held services in French, a practice still continued to today.
RotterdamThe HagueLeidenDelft

Question 9: Stadtholder William III of Orange, who later became King of England, emerged as the strongest opponent of ________, after Louis' attack on the Dutch Republic in 1672.
Louis XIV of FranceHouse of BourbonLouis XV of FranceLouis XIII of France

Question 10: The greatest concentrations of Huguenots at this time resided in the regions of ________, Saintonge-Aunis-Angoumois and Poitou.


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