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  • globs are millimeter sized modules in the V4 complex part of the brain where humans and other primates first perceive color hue?

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Question 1: Exceptions include ________, which is a dark orange,[2] and pink, a light red with reduced chroma.
Maroon (color)BrownMahogany (color)Rust (color)

Question 2: Preucil[7] describes a color hexagon, similar to a trilinear plot described by Evans, Hanson, and Brewer,[8] which may be used to compute hue from ________.
RGB color modelDigital photographyDigital cameraColor photography

Question 3: Hues are first processed in the ________ in areas in the extended V4 called globs.
BrainDigestionSensory systemNervous system

Question 4: The hues exhibited by caramel colorings and ________ are fairly limited in range.
Alcoholic beverageBeerBrewingBock

Question 5: On a ________, a line is drawn from a white point through the coordinates of the color in question, until it intersects the spectral locus.
CIE 1931 color spaceLab color spaceHSL and HSVRGB color model

Question 6: The other main correlates of color appearance are ________, chroma, saturation, lightness, and brightness.
CIELUV color spaceColorfulnessHSL and HSVCIECAM02

Question 7: In painting ________, a hue refers to a pure color—one without tint or shade (added white or black pigment, respectively).
RGB color modelColor wheelColor theoryPrimary color

Question 8: The process of converting an RGB color into an ________ or HSV color space is usually based on a 6-piece piecewise mapping, treating the HSV cone as a hexacone, or the HSL double cone as a double hexacone.
Lab color spaceHSL and HSVColor modelRGB color model

Question 9: To place red at 0°, green at 120°, and ________ at 240°, one may solve:
Violet (color)IndigoBlueOrange (colour)

Question 10: Replacements are often used for chromium, ________ and alizarin.


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