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Hubie and Bertie: Quiz


Question 1: The short was followed by House Hunting Mice on 6 September 1947, where Hubie and Bertie run afoul of a housekeeping ________.
AutomatonRoboticsRobotHumanoid robot

Question 2: He was moving on to other characters, such as Pepe Le Pew, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, and ________, as well as his Marc Antony and Pussyfoot shorts.
Yosemite SamMarvin the MartianDaffy DuckBugs Bunny

Question 3: Hubie and Bertie are animated cartoon mouse characters in the Warner Bros. ________ and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons.
Bugs BunnyWarner Bros. CartoonsLooney TunesWhat's New, Scooby-Doo?

Question 4: Hubie has a pronounced ________ street-accent.
BrooklynQueensSuffolk County, New YorkNew York City

Question 5: In addition, Hubie and Bertie's penchant for playing to their foes' neuroses hints at Jones' later work with Looney Tunes characters such as ________.
Daffy DuckElmer FuddBugs BunnyPorky Pig

Question 6: Though largely forgotten today, Hubie and Bertie represent some of animator ________' earliest work that was intended to be funny rather than cute.
Looney TunesWarner Bros. CartoonsBugs BunnyChuck Jones

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