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Hubertus: Quiz


Question 1: Hubertus, along with Quirinus of Neuss, Cornelius and Anthony, was venerated as one of the Four Holy Marshals ('Vier Marschälle Gottes) in the ________.

Question 2: (German) Extract from Das Ökumenische Heiligenlexikon; illustration of ________'s: Ghent Altarpiece, 1432, with scenes from the life of Saint Hubert
Arnolfini PortraitAnnunciation (van Eyck, Washington)Jan van EyckMadrid

Question 3: Hubert actively evangelised among the pagans in the extensive ________ forests and in Toxandria, a district stretching from near Tongeren to the confluence of the Waal and the Rhine.
LiègeMeuse (river)WalloniaArdennes

Question 4: Meanwhile, the tyrannical conduct of Ebroin, mayor of the Neustrian palace, caused a general emigration of the nobles and others to the court of Austrasia at ________.

Question 5: [1] Saint Hubert was widely venerated in the ________.
High Middle AgesLate Middle AgesMiddle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 6: 656 to 658, probably in Toulouse; died May 30, 727 in Tervuren near Brussels, Belgium), called the "Apostle of the ________" was the first Bishop of Liège.
ArdennesMeuse (river)FlandersWallonia

Question 7: Hubert was the eldest son and apparent heir of Boggis/Bertrand, ________.
Charles VII of FranceHenry II of EnglandJohn II of FranceDuke of Aquitaine

Question 8: [3][4] [5] The St. Hubertus Orden (Order of Saint Hubert), a ________, was founded in 1444 by Gerhard V of Jülich and Berg.
Chivalric orderPhilip the GoodKnightOrder (honour)

Question 9: A print in the style of an ________ showing Hubert of Liège with the stag.
Illuminated manuscriptMedieval artEnglandPigment


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