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Question 1: This was accelerated by the creation of ONHAE, a ________ service, and a soccer league.
Radio broadcastingAmateur radioRadioMicrowave

Question 2: While never hunted, two other animals, the snake and the ________, have special significance for the Huaorani.
Giant OtterOcelotJaguarCougar

Question 3: Traditionally, the creatures hunted were limited to ________, birds, and wild peccaries.
PrimateHominidaeMonkeyOld World monkey

Question 4: Kichwa, ________, Achuar, Siona people, Secoya people, Shiwiar, Záparo, Cofán

Question 5: For them, the forest is home, while the outside world is considered unsafe: living in the forest offered protection from the ________ and attacks of neighboring peoples.
Witch-cult hypothesisContemporary witchcraftStregheriaWitchcraft

Question 6: They believe that a person who dies walks a trail to the ________ which has a large python lying in wait.

Question 7: (The alternate name Auca is a pejorative exonym used by the neighboring ________ Indians, and commonly adopted by Spanish-speakers as well.
English languageDutch languageQuechuaQuechuan languages

Question 8: A giant obe stands in the way of the forest trail that the dead follow to an ________ with the creator in the sky.

Question 9: Around the time of ________, inter-clan killings greatly increased.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupationsWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 10: Spearing wild ________, on the other hand, is killing and is practiced with violence and rage.
Even-toed ungulateBovidPeccaryCamelid

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