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Hradec Králové: Quiz


Question 1: Josef Čapek, painter, writer and ________.
PoetryLiteratureNovelLyric poetry

Question 2: The city is situated in the centre of a very fertile region called the Golden Road on the confluence of ________ and Orlice and contains many buildings of historical and architectural interest.
HamburgGermanyCzech RepublicElbe

Question 3: After the ________ (1620) a large part of the Protestant population left the place.
Battle of StadtlohnBattle of White MountainSiege of Stralsund (1628)Thirty Years' War

Question 4: Hradec Králové was the first of the towns to declare for the national cause during the ________.
Hussite WarsProtestant ReformationCrusadesProtestant Reformers

Question 5: Since 2004, Hip Hop Kemp, one of the biggest European ________ festivals, is held in August.
GraffitiHip hop musicRappingHip hop

Question 6: Jiří Horák, 1st Chairman of ________ was born here
Civic Democratic PartyChristian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's PartyCzech Social Democratic PartyGreen Party (Czech Republic)

Question 7: There is the University of Hradec Králové and ________ in Prague has a medical school[1] and a pharmaceutical department[2] in the city.
Université Libre de BruxellesLomonosov Moscow State UniversityComenius University in BratislavaCharles University in Prague

Question 8: The Battle of Königgrätz, the decisive battle of the ________ took place, on July 3, 1866 near Hradec Králové.
German EmpireNorth German ConfederationAustro-Prussian WarGerman Confederation

Question 9: Every May, an Air Ambulance Show is held for both the general public and ________ personnel.
Air ambulanceEmergency medical servicesMedical directorParamedic

Question 10: Traditional industries include musical instrument manufacturing - the best known being PETROF ________.
Percussion instrumentTimpaniVibraphonePiano


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