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Question 1: Howard Walter Stark appeared in the 1994 Iron Man TV series voiced by ________ in Season One and Peter Renaday in Season Two.
Neil RossThe Transformers (TV series)An American TailLos Angeles

Question 2: Howard Stark will appear in ________ played by John Slattery.
The Invincible Iron Man (film)Iron Man (film)Iron Man 2Stan Lee

Question 3: He and his own father (Howard Stark Senior) worked on various projects, and later founded ________.
Stan LeeStark IndustriesS.H.I.E.L.D.Iron Man

Question 4:
What company publishes Howard Stark?
Archie Comics and Marvel Comics
Marvelous Entertainment
Marvel Comics

Question 5: When the film rights to Iron Man belonged to New Line Cinema, early scripts had Iron Man pitted against Howard, who would become ________.
War MachineStan LeeJack KirbyIron Man

Question 6: The character name comes from ________, whom Tony Stark is largely based on.
TexasUnited StatesThe Aviator (2004 film)Howard Hughes

Question 7: It is believed Howard was also a member of the ________.
Baron ZemoHuman Torch (android)Invaders (comics)V-Battalion

Question 8: He is Tony Stark's father, and is the founder of ________.
Stark IndustriesStan LeeS.H.I.E.L.D.Iron Man

Question 9: Tony ran his father's company, started a charity in his mother's name, and later became ________.
Stark TowerAdvanced Idea MechanicsStan LeeIron Man

Question 10:
Howard Stark, Stephen Colbert (character) and Thunderbolt Ross are all:
Marvel Comics characters Character pop Fictional inventors All pages needing cleanup


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