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Question 1: The House of Representatives is the more powerful of the two houses, able to override ________ on bills imposed by the House of Councillors with a two-thirds majority.
United StatesVetoHungaryUnited States Congress

Question 2: Of these, 180 are elected from 11 multi-member constituencies by a party-list system of ________, and 300 are elected from single-member constituencies.
D'Hondt methodProportional representationUnited StatesCyprus

Question 3: It can be dissolved by the Prime Minister at will, as it was by ________ on July 21, 2009.
Taro AsoJunichiro KoizumiHideki TōjōKiichi Miyazawa

Question 4: Note: Before the 1994 electoral reform all districts but one (________ electoral district 1955-1990) were multi-member constituencies.
Amami IslandsJapanRyūkyū KingdomRyukyu Islands

Question 5: ________
TokyoNagoyaIchinomiya, AichiList of Districts of the House of Representatives of Japan

Question 6: However, in the case of ________, the budget, and the selection of the prime minister, the House of Councillors can only delay passage, but not block the legislation.
Kyoto ProtocolEuropean UnionTreatyEurope

Question 7: If a bill is passed by the lower house (the House of Representatives) but is voted down by the ________ (the House of Councillors) the House of Representatives can override the decision of the by a two-thirds vote in the affirmative.
Upper houseAbolished upper houseAustralian SenateBicameralism

Question 8: The House of Representatives (衆議院 Shūgiin ?) is the lower house of the ________.
Supreme Assembly of TajikistanNational Assembly of ThailandCongress of the PhilippinesDiet of Japan


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