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House of Plantagenet: Quiz


Question 1: [15] Henry regretted his friend's death and exhibited a penance in public; walking barefoot into ________, he allowed monks to scourge him.
Durham CathedralCanterbury CathedralSt Albans CathedralWestminster Abbey

Question 2: Henry V of England was a soldier from age 14 and a commander at the ________ at age 16.
Glyndŵr RisingOwain GlyndŵrHundred Years' WarBattle of Shrewsbury

Question 3: The initial branch ruled from Henry II of England until the deposition of ________ in 1399.
Edward II of EnglandEdward I of EnglandRichard II of EnglandEdward III of England

Question 4:

Question 5: [66] Richard had a strong power base in the ________ and founded the Council of the North to improve governance there.
English peopleNorthern EnglandCounties of EnglandHistory of England

Question 6: The people demanded that he be made king, which was quickly confirmed by the Parliament of England, and he was unofficially crowned ________ at Westminster Abbey.
Henry VII of EnglandEdward IV of EnglandEdward V of EnglandRichard III of England

Question 7:

Question 8: The eventful political climate of the day saw the Hundred Years' War, where the Plantagenets battled with the House of Valois for control of the Kingdom of France, as both claimed ________ seniority.
House of CapetJohn II of FrancePhilip V of FranceHistory of France

Question 9: There were also lasting developments in the social sector, such as ________'s signing of the Magna Carta.
Richard I of EnglandHenry II of EnglandHenry III of EnglandJohn of England

Question 10:
Who is John of England's spouse?
m. 1189; ann. 1199
Anupama Das
Tracy Reed
Allison Benge


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