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House of Fabergé: Quiz


Question 1: bought ________ Company from Ely Lilly Inc.
Victoria's SecretNiveaElizabeth ArdenBurt's Bees

Question 2: The grand daughter of writer Ernest Hemingway, actress and model ________ received a $1 million contract to promote the perfume Babe by Fabergé in a very popular advertising campaign.
Cheryl TiegsChristie BrinkleyMargaux HemingwayBarbara Carrera

Question 3: The House of Fabergé was nationalised by the ________ in 1918.
BolshevikMenshevikRussian Social Democratic Labour PartyVladimir Lenin

Question 4: In the 1830s, Gustav Faberge moved to ________, the capital of Russia, to train as a goldsmith under Andreas Ferdinand Spiegel, who specialised in making gold boxes.
Saint PetersburgBashkortostanMoscowLeningrad Oblast

Question 5: Many other head of states like ________, Nelson Mandela and the Queen of England received Fabergé Eggs made by the Workmaster Victor Mayer.
PerestroikaBoris YeltsinRonald ReaganMikhail Gorbachev

Question 6: The House of Fabergé is a jewellery firm founded in 1842 in ________ famed for designing elaborate jewel-encrusted Fabergé Eggs for the Russian Tsars.
Ottoman EmpireGolden HordeRussian EmpireBritish Empire

Question 7: While Agathon’s education was restricted to ________, he was noted as a talented designer that provided the business with fresh impetus, until his death 13 years later.

Question 8: A famous Fabergé TV ad featured Joe Namath being shaven by ________.
David LettermanCherLate Show with David LettermanFarrah Fawcett

Question 9: Gustav Fabergé retired to ________, Germany in 1860, leaving the firm in the hands of managers outside of the Fabergé family while his son continued his education.

Question 10: He received tuition from respected goldsmiths in Frankfurt,Germany, France and ________, attended a course at Schloss’s Commercial College in Paris and viewed the objects in the galleries of Europe’s leading museums.
ScotlandWalesEnglandUnited Kingdom


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