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Question 1:
Who of the following is/was the leader of House of Commons of the United Kingdom?

Question 2: The pre-1941 Chamber was recreated in Shepperton Studios for the ________/Richard Loncraine 2002 biopic on Churchill, The Gathering Storm.
Ridley ScottHannibal (film)Alien (film)Blade Runner

Question 3: The ________ is responsible for making the appointment, and, by convention, never refuses to do so when asked by a Member who desires to leave the House of Commons.
Winston ChurchillHarold MacmillanChancellor of the ExchequerGordon Brown

Question 4:
Which is currently the premier party of House of Commons of the United Kingdom?
"No Political Affiliation"
Republican-turned-Democrat; returned to Republican affiliation in 1964
No affiliation

Question 5: The House of Commons is the lower house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which also comprises the Sovereign and the ________ (the upper house).
House of LordsHouse of Commons of the United KingdomConstitution of the United KingdomPolitics of the United Kingdom

Question 6: Today's Parliament of the United Kingdom largely descends, in practice, from the Parliament of England, though the 1706 Treaty of Union, and the ________ that ratified the Treaty, created a new Parliament of Great Britain to replace the Parliament of England and the Parliament of Scotland.
History of ScotlandKingdom of ScotlandActs of Union 1707Scottish independence

Question 7: Lord Mandelson was appointed ________ in October 2008, he was also briefly neither a member of the Lords nor Commons in this capacity.
Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and SkillsLeader of the House of CommonsCabinet of the United KingdomChancellor of the Exchequer

Question 8: The Commons is a democratically elected body, consisting of 646 members, who are known as "________" (MPs).
Member of ParliamentBicameralismParliamentary systemUnicameralism

Question 9: ^3 ________ crossed the floor from the Conservatives to Labour on 26 June 2007.
Iain Duncan SmithQuentin DaviesWilliam HagueDavid Cameron

Question 10: The ________ lowered property requirements for voting in the boroughs, reduced the representation of the less populous boroughs, and granted parliamentary seats to several growing industrial towns.
Reform Act 1832Ballot Act 1872Reform Act 1867Municipal Corporations Act 1835


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