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House of Bernadotte: Quiz


Question 1: Between 1818 and 1905 it was also the Royal House of ________.
PolandNorwayGermanyUnited States

Question 2: Following the Finnish War in 1809, Sweden suffered the traumatic loss of ________, which had constituted the eastern half of the Swedish realm for centuries.

Question 3: In 1804 Napoleon promoted him to a Marshal of France, a move that he would later regret when Bernadotte disobeyed orders and refused to attack during the ________.
Battle of FriedlandBattle of GolyminWar of the Fourth CoalitionBattle of Jena-Auerstedt

Question 4: On 21 August 1810, the Riksdag elected Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, ________, as heir presumptive to the Swedish throne.
Jean-de-Dieu SoultMarshal of FranceJózef Antoni PoniatowskiJoachim Murat

Question 5: Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte reigned as King Charles XIV of Sweden and ________ from 5 February 1818 until his death on 8 March 1844.
Oscar I of SwedenCharles XIV John of SwedenOscar II of SwedenCharles XV of Sweden

Question 6: Before defecting from France he was also granted the title 'Prince of Ponte Corvo', a town in central ________.

Question 7: This was merely a temporary solution, and in 1810 the Swedish Riksdag of the Estates elected the Danish ________ as heir to the throne.
Charles XIV John of SwedenCharles August, Crown Prince of SwedenCarl XVI Gustaf of SwedenCharles XII of Sweden

Question 8: Bernadotte, born in the town of Pau, in the province of Béarn, ________, had risen to the rank of general during the tumultuous years of the French Revolution.
ItalyCanadaUnited KingdomFrance

Question 9: The ________ of the House of Bernadotte combines the coat of arms of the House of Vasa (heraldic left) and the coat of arms of Bernadotte as the Prince of Ponte Corvo (heraldic right).
Royal coat of arms of ScotlandCoat of armsRoyal coat of arms of the United KingdomUnofficial emblem of Turkey

Question 10: The House of Bernadotte reigned in both countries until the ________.
Olav V of NorwayHaakon VII of NorwayUnion between Sweden and NorwayDissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905


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