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Question 1: They were then captured by the ________ at an inn; her friends joined the outlaws while they made plans to ransom her, knowing her to be Arya Stark of Winterfell.
WesterosBrotherhood Without BannersA Dance with DragonsA Feast for Crows

Question 2: Wounded after a hard fought battle against ________, Robb learned that his brothers had apparently been killed by his one-time friend Theon Greyjoy.
WesterosHouse TargaryenHouse LannisterHouse Stark

Question 3:
Sansa Stark will be played by Sophie Turner in the ________ adaption of the books.
TBS (TV channel)CNN Sports IllustratedTNT (TV channel)HBO

Question 4: Benjen Stark will be played by Joseph Mawle in the ________ adaption of the books.
HBOTNT (TV channel)TBS (TV channel)CNN Sports Illustrated

Question 5: They fought three ________ knights there, including the legendary Gerold Hightower and Arthur Dayne; all were slain but Eddard and Howland Reed.
WesterosHouse StarkHouse TargaryenKingsguard

Question 6: His direwolf companion is the mute, albino Ghost (due to his ________ and eerie silence, cementing the 'outsider' status caused by Jon's alleged bastardy).
AlbinismPhotophobiaMyopiaAlbinism in popular culture

Question 7: He also planned for her marriage to Harrold Hardyng, the heir to ________, and the eventual revelation of her true identity and the reclaiming of Winterfell in her name.
House ArrynHouse MartellHouse StarkHouse Lannister

Question 8: As part of an alliance with ________, she pledged to Lord Walder Frey that Robb would marry one of the women of his house.
WesterosHouse StarkHouse LannisterHouse Frey

Question 9:
Robb Stark will be played by Richard Madden in the ________ adaption of the books.
HBOCNN Sports IllustratedTNT (TV channel)TBS (TV channel)

Question 10: House Stark is a fictional noble family from George R. R. Martin's ________.
A Feast for CrowsA Song of Ice and FireA Dance with DragonsGame of Thrones (TV series)

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