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Question 1: His rule is threatened by a conspiracy spun by the other major powers in the Imperium: the Bene Gesserit, the Spacing Guild, the ________, Irulan herself and even some of the Fremen.
Bene TleilaxDune (novel)House AtreidesDuncan Idaho

Question 2: His breeding program has resulted in the birth of ________ (daughter of Moneo), who possesses unique genes that make her invisible to prescience.
Dune (novel)Children of DuneGod Emperor of DuneChapterhouse: Dune

Question 3: A millennia-long feud exists between the Atreides and the decadent ________, who have essentially bought their status while the Atreides are related to the Emperor by blood.
Vladimir HarkonnenHouse CorrinoHouse HarkonnenDune universe

Question 4: The prequel trilogy Prelude to Dune (1999-2001) by Brian Herbert and ________ chronicles the upbringing of young Leto I prior to the events of Dune.
Jess NevinsKevin J. AndersonJames Robinson (comics)Alan Moore

Question 5: An attack on the Atreides, assisted by a Harkonnen traitor in their midst and the Imperial ________ soldier-fanatics, results in Leto's death.
Dune universeSardaukarArrakisPadishah Emperor

Question 6: House Atreides is a fictional noble family from the Dune universe created by ________.
Dune MessiahFrank HerbertChapterhouse: DuneDune (novel)

Question 7: In the Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson Legends of Dune novels, the Atreides family line goes back to the ________ on Old Earth.
Greek languageGreeceGreek diasporaGreeks

Question 8: This ________ included many significant figures in Greek myth.
LuxembourgHohenzollern-SigmaringenRoyal houseLiechtenstein

Question 9: His concubine is the ________ Lady Jessica; she had been instructed by her order to bear a daughter as part of their breeding program, but out of love for Leto, she had given him a son: Paul Atreides.
Bene GesseritChapterhouse: DuneDune universeDune (novel)

Question 10: Soon Paul is able to amass an army of Fremen, their fierce fighting skills enhanced by training in the Bene Gesserit ________.
Dune (novel)Dune universeBene GesseritChapterhouse: Dune

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