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Hotspot: Quiz


Question 1: ________, a Java Virtual Machine from Sun Microsystems
Apache HarmonyCACAOHotSpotIcedTea

Question 2: ________, locations where aircraft collisions with ground equipment may occur
AirportAirport securityAirline hubAir traffic control

Question 3: Hot spot, in ________, an area which is customized in various ways by users
Google Web ToolkitSpring FrameworkJava (programming language)Software framework

Question 4: ________, an area of unusually high volcanic activity
Hawaii hotspotHotspot (geology)Anahim hotspotMantle plume

Question 5: ________, a metal casting defect
Casting defectInvestment castingCore (manufacturing)Casting (metalworking)

Question 6: ________, a 1990 film with Don Johnson and Jennifer Connelly
Colors (film)Easy RiderThe Last MovieThe Hot Spot

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