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Question 1: Heading to Earth to battle the ________, he was subsequently ordered to train the Omnicons, but was frustrated by their inability to listen to orders: however they did prove their worth by capturing Snow Cat.
The Transformers (TV series)PredaconsTerrorconsGalvatron

Question 2: One of Prime's right-hand men (and idolized by Ironhide in this continuity as well), he was one of those who tried to hold off Unicron's four horsemen - Rhinox, Cheetor, ________ and Terrorsaur - but was nearly destroyed.
Optimus Prime (Transformers)BotConOptimus PrimalAirazor

Question 3: He then joined up with Wheeljack and Starscream again, trying to stop Thrust and Sideways from reactivating ________, failing due to Unicron's internal defenses.
BotConUnicronTransformers: UniverseSoundwave (Transformers)

Question 4: It was during this last mission that he was attacked by ________, one of the Heralds of Unicron, himself searching for the Matrix.
GalvatronThe Transformers (IDW Publishing)The Transformers (TV series)Transformers (comics)

Question 5: He is part of ________'s team.
Rodimus (other incarnations)Prowl (Transformers)BotConIronhide

Question 6: The three Autobots became the ________ (Vanguard Team).
Transformers: EnergonTransformers: CybertronTransformers: ArmadaTransformers Animated

Question 7: Hot Shot and Red Alert were with Prime when he journeyed to Earth to locate the ________, battling Megatron and his Decepticons many times.
BotConMini-ConTransformers: UniverseTransformers: The Movie toy line

Question 8: Hot Shot is the name of several characters in the various ________.
The Transformers (TV series)Optimus Prime (Transformers)TransformersTransformers (comics)

Question 9: Originally Hot Shot was the trainer and the best friend of ________ in the early days of the war on Cybertron.
IronhideJazz (Transformers)Bumblebee (Transformers)Wheeljack

Question 10: He was idolized by ________ for his heroic status after the battle with Unicron, but saw the young Autobot as too reckless and hotheaded - unable to appreciate that this was how he had been years before.
The Transformers (TV series)IronhideJazz (Transformers)Ratchet (Transformers)


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