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Question 1:
Who played Friend the movie Hospitality?
Kevin Stroman
Airrion Doss
Kevin Stroman
Gian-Murray Gianino

Question 2:
What role did Kevin Stroman play in the movie Hospitality?

Question 3: The Isbell Hospitality Ethics Center at ________ is endowed by the family of the founder of Ramada Hotels and Resorts, Marion W.
Arizona State UniversityEstrella Mountain Community CollegeNorthern Arizona UniversityPhoenix College

Question 4:
Who played Paul the movie Hospitality?
Airrion Doss
Airrion Doss
Gian-Murray Gianino
Alex Finch

Question 5:
Who played Teddy the movie Hospitality?
Gian-Murray Gianino
Gian-Murray Gianino
Airrion Doss
Alex Finch

Question 6: In this tale, the ancient gods Zeus and ________ are visiting the town of Phrygia disguised as simple peasants.
HermesHeraApolloGreek mythology

Question 7: Perhaps this progressive institutionalization can be aligned to the transition between Middle Ages and Renaissance (________, The Rivers North of the Future).
MedicineGermanyAnarchismIvan Illich

Question 8: The chief of ________ arrived at the home of the MacGregor chief in Glenstrae, told him that he was fleeing from foes and requested refuge.
Clan MacNeilScottish clanClan MaclachlanClan Lamont

Question 9: The terms hospital, ________, and hostel also derive from "hospitality," and these institutions preserve more of the connotation of personal care.
HospiceUnited KingdomUnited StatesLondon

Question 10: The branch of ________ that focuses on ethics in commercial hospitality and tourism industries.
JusticeMarketing ethicsBusiness ethicsUtilitarianism


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