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Horses in warfare: Quiz


Question 1: They may have resembled modern Baroque or ________ breeds.
Holsteiner (horse)Groningen HorseHeavy warmbloodOstfriesen and Alt-Oldenburger

Question 2: A few ________ may have come with the Ummayads who settled in the Guadalquivir valley.
American Quarter HorseArabian horseAndalusian horseAppaloosa

Question 3: Mules could be lightweight, medium weight, or even, when produced from draught horse ________, of moderate heavy weight.
Horse breedingMareHorse racingHorse behavior

Question 4: [169] Increased mobility played a part in the formation of new power centers, such as the Oyo Empire in what today is ________.
NigeriaSudanSierra LeoneKenya

Question 5: [49] However, such a design is incompatible with ________, limiting both the strength and mobility of the animal.
Equine anatomyEquus (genus)Equine nutritionHorse

Question 6: [8] The size of a mule and work to which it was put depended largely on the breeding of the ________ that produced the mule.
HorseMareHorse breedingHorse racing

Question 7: ________ have been used as pack animals from antiquity[33] to the present.
DonkeyMuleOnagerEquus (genus)

Question 8: [24] The ________ was a type of heavily armored cavalry with distinct tactics, armour, and weaponry used from the time of the Persians up until the Middle Ages.
Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireCataphractScythians

Question 9: However, under gunfire, they were less cooperative than horses, so were not used to haul ________ on battlefields.
Military historyNaval warfareArtillerySiege

Question 10: Light cavalry continued to play a major role, particularly after the ________ when Hussars started to play a larger part in battles.
Great Northern WarSeven Years' WarFrench and Indian WarRaid on Rochefort


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