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Hornwort: Quiz


Question 1: Chicago: ________.
Field Museum of Natural HistoryChicago Cultural CenterMuseum of Science and Industry (Chicago)Shedd Aquarium

Question 2:
What divisio is Hornwort a part of?

Question 3:
What period does the fossils of the Hornwort come from?
Upper Pleistocene-recent
Upper Cretaceous, to recent
Lower Triassic to Upper Cretaceous
Upper Triassic

Question 4:
What classis does Hornwort belong to?

Question 5: By contrast, species of the family Dendrocerotaceae may begin dividing within the spore, becoming multicellular and even ________ before the spore germinates.
PlantAlgaeCell wallPhotosynthesis

Question 6: However, it now appears that this group is ________, so the hornworts tend to be given their own division, called Anthocerotophyta.
ParaphylyDNA barcodingCladisticsClade

Question 7: Among land plants, hornworts appear to be one of the oldest surviving lineages; cladistic analysis implies that the group originated prior to the ________, around the same time as the mosses and liverworts.
Geologic time scaleLate Devonian extinctionCarboniferousDevonian

Question 8: In most species, this chloroplast is fused with other ________ to form a large pyrenoid that both manufactures and stores food.
Cell nucleusCell (biology)MitochondrionOrganelle

Question 9: There are only about 100 ________ known, but new species are still being discovered.
Biological classificationSpeciesLifeEvolution

Question 10: It is green or yellow-green from the ________ in its cells, or bluish-green when colonies of cyanobacteria grow inside the plant.
PhotosynthesisChloroplastPlant physiologyChlorophyll


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