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Question 1: Murray's theories has been seen to have had influence on Blood on Satan's Claw (1971), where a murderous female-led cult worships a horned deity named ________.
BehemothYoung Earth creationismAuthorized King James VersionLeviathan

Question 2: In 1908's ________ by Kenneth Grahame, in Chapter 7, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Ratty and Mole meet a mystical horned being, powerful, fearsome and kind.
The Wind in the Willows (1996 film)The Wind in the Willows (TV series)The Wind in the WillowsThe Wind in the Willows (2006 film)

Question 3: In Cochrane's Craft, which was founded by Robert Cochrane, the Horned God was often referred to by a Biblical name; Tubal Cain, who, according to the ________ was the first blacksmith.
BibleBiblical canonNevi'imChristianity and Judaism

Question 4: [41] Gardner states that he had reconstructed elements of the religion from fragments, incorporating elements from English folklore and contemporary influences such as the ________,[42] as well as eastern philosophies.
Hermetic Order of the Golden DawnHermeticismAstrologyRosicrucianism

Question 5: The historian ________ has suggested that it instead came from the Arabic term "Dhu'l Karnain" which meant "Horned One".
Doreen ValienteGerald GardnerRonald HuttonWicca

Question 6: The "father of Wicca", ________, who adopted Margaret Murray's thesis, claimed Wicca was a modern survival of an ancient pan-European pagan religion.
Gardnerian WiccaGerald GardnerCecil WilliamsonBricket Wood coven

Question 7: Murray also used an inaccurate drawing of a ________ rock-painting at Cogul in northeast Spain as evidence of group religious ceremony of the cult, although the central male figure is not horned.
10th millennium BC9th millennium BCStone AgeMesolithic

Question 8: The Horned God is one of the two primary deities found in the ________ religion of Wicca.
Neo-druidismGermanic NeopaganismNew AgeNeopaganism

Question 9: Eliphas Levi's image of "________" serves as an example of the transformation of the Devil into a benevolent fertility deity and provided the prototype for Murray's horned god.
Aleister CrowleyThoth tarot deckBaphometThelema

Question 10: Sherry Salman considers the image of the Horned God in ________ terms, as an archetypal protector and mediator of the outside world to the objective psyche.
Sigmund FreudAnalytical psychologyCarl JungJungian archetypes


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