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Hoopoe: Quiz


Question 1: The secretion, which smells like rotting meat, is thought to help deter predators, as well as deter ________ and possibly act as an antibacterial agent.
ToxoplasmosisParasitismDirofilaria immitisCat

Question 2: Common diet items include crickets, locusts, beetles, earwigs, cicadas, ________, bugs and ants.

Question 3: The Hoopoe has a characteristic undulating flight, which is like that of a giant ________, caused by the wings half closing at the end of each beat or short sequence of beats.

Question 4: The species has been a vagrant in Alaska;[9] U. e. saturata was recorded as being seen there in ________ in the Yukon Delta.

Question 5: English translators and poets probably had the ________ in mind, considering its crest.
Eurasian Golden PloverBlack-headed GullNorthern LapwingHoopoe

Question 6: [6] One accepted separate species, the Giant Hoopoe, U. antaios, lived on the island of ________ but became extinct in the sixteenth century, presumably due to introduced species.
Saint HelenaCayman IslandsBritish Virgin IslandsAnguilla

Question 7: Hoopoes also appear in the ________ in Surah Al-Naml 27:20-22 in the following context "And he [Solomon] sought among the birds and said: How is it that I see not the hoopoe, or is he among the absent?

Question 8: One insular species, the Giant Hoopoe of ________, is extinct, and the Madagascar subspecies of the Hoopoe is sometimes elevated to a full species.
Saint HelenaBritish Virgin IslandsCayman IslandsAnguilla

Question 9: U. eremita (now Geronticus eremita), the ________
HoopoeBirdNorthern Bald IbisGlossy Ibis

Question 10: [5] The fossil record of their relatives is older, with fossil woodhoopoes dating back to the Miocene and those of an extinct related family, the Messelirrisoridae, dating from the ________.
Geologic time scalePaleoceneEarthEocene

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