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Hooked on Monkey Fonics: Quiz


Question 1: The character of Rebecca is based on ________ who won the 1997 Scripps National Spelling Bee.
WXYZ-TVList of Scripps National Spelling Bee championsHenderson GleanerE. W. Scripps Company

Question 2: It features issues of ________ and phonics, the language-learning method.
UnschoolingHomeschoolingHomeschool cooperativeAlternative education

Question 3: The boys of the school hatch a plan to ________ Mark to the flagpole (while the adults also hatch a similar plan for Mark's father).
NASADuct tapeUnited StatesAluminium

Question 4: To him, this involves a regimen of sleeping in and sitting in bed while snacking and watching ________, while his mother unsuccessfully attempts to get him to study.
TelevisionVideoMechanical televisionClosed captioning

Question 5: In preparation for a ________, Cartman's mother buys him a "Hooked on Monkey Fonics" system.
Scripps National Spelling BeeUnited StatesSpelling beeNew Zealand

Question 6: While at the spelling bee, the children face stiff competition from two ________ children, Rebecca and Mark Cottswalds.
Homeschool cooperativeHomeschoolingAlternative educationUnschooling

Question 7: Cartman asks the monkey to help him spell his word, chair, but instead the monkey starts to ________, and Cartman misspells it as chare.
Sexual intercourseOrgasmMasturbationHuman sexual behavior

Question 8: "Hooked on Monkey Fonics" is episode 13 of season 3 of ________'s animated series South Park.
Nickelodeon (TV channel)Comedy CentralMTV2MTV

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