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Hook echo: Quiz


Question 1: The echo is produced by rain, ________, or even debris being wrapped around the supercell.
HailThunderstormMeteorologyPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 2: The use of doppler weather radar systems such as ________ allows for detection of tornadoes even when the hook echo is not present, and for greater certainty when it is.
MeteorologyMETARNEXRADSCR-658 radar

Question 3: In the ________, thunderstorms tend to produce heavier rainfall which leads to the high precipitation (HP) variation supercell and obscures the hook shape.
Midwestern United StatesUnited StatesNortheastern United StatesSouthern United States

Question 4: The ________ considers the presence of a hook echo as sufficient to justify issuing a tornado warning.
Fiji Meteorological ServiceNational Weather ServiceSouth African Weather ServiceServicio Meteorológico Nacional

Question 5: The hook echo is one of the classical hallmarks of tornado-producing ________ thunderstorms as seen on a weather radar.
SupercellNorth DakotaCumulonimbus cloudConvective storm detection


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