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Question 1: Most even-toed ungulates (such as sheep, goats, deer, cattle, ________ and pigs) have two main hooves on each foot, together called a cloven hoof.
BisonBarbary sheepAmerican BisonElk

Question 2: Other cloven-hoofed animals (such as ________ and pronghorns) have no dew claws.
HippopotamusSteenbokGreater KuduGiraffe

Question 3: In some so-called "cloven-hoofed" animals such as ________, there are no hooves proper – the toe is softer, and the hoof itself is reduced to little more than a nail.

Question 4: A hoof is the tip of a toe of an ungulate mammal, strengthened by a thick horny (________) covering.
Keratin 6ACollagenCollagen, type I, alpha 1Keratin


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