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Honshū: Quiz


Question 1: It is larger than the island of ________, and slightly larger than the state of Minnesota.
United KingdomScotlandEnglandGreat Britain

Question 2: Some smaller islands are included within these prefectures, most prominently ________, Sado Island, Izu Oshima and Awaji Island.
Ogasawara, TokyoBonin IslandsOgasawara SubprefectureTokyo

Question 3: The economy along the northwestern coast by the ________ is largely fishing and agriculture[1]; Niigata is noted as an important producer of rice.
Pacific OceanEast China SeaYellow SeaSea of Japan

Question 4: Honshū is connected to the islands of Hokkaidō, Kyūshū and Shikoku by tunnels or ________.
Arch bridgeTruss bridgeBridgeCable-stayed bridge

Question 5: Its area has been expanding with ________ and coastal uplift in the north, but global sea level rise have diminished these effects.
Mexico CityLand reclamationHong KongJapan

Question 6: info) (本州 ?, literally "Main State") (also spelled Honshu) is the largest island of ________.
JapanCanadaUnited KingdomCambodia

Question 7: The nation's main island, it is south of Hokkaidō across the Tsugaru Strait, north of Shikoku across the ________, and northeast of Kyūshū across the Kanmon Strait.
Black SeaInland SeaPhilippine SeaJava Sea

Question 8: At the southern extreme lies Cape Kure in ________.
Kushimoto, WakayamaJapanWakayama PrefectureKisei Main Line

Question 9: The island is bounded on the east by Todogasaki in Miyako, Iwate and on the west by Bishanohana in ________.
Yamaguchi, YamaguchiKitakyūshūShimonoseki, YamaguchiHiroshima

Question 10: The regions are Chūgoku (western), ________ (southern, east of Chūgoku), Chūbu (central), Kantō (eastern), and Tōhoku (northern).
Kansai regionNara PrefectureJapanTokyo


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