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Question 1: As a result of the media's focus on ________, news of the decision did not attract public attention at the time.
Watergate scandalCheckers speechPat NixonRichard Nixon

Question 2: Honeywell had infringed on the ________ patent (Finding 23).
ENIACAtanasoff–Berry ComputerColossus computerComputer

Question 3: Three of the 148 formal claims of the ENIAC patent were anticipated by a prior invention, the 1942 electronic multiplier by ________'s Byron E.
Hewlett-PackardIBMGeneral ElectricIntel Corporation

Question 4: (Arthur had been on the ________'s engineering staff and had requested to be added as a co-inventor following the issuance of the ENIAC patent; Alice Burks had been a computer at the Moore School.)
Atanasoff–Berry ComputerElectronic Delay Storage Automatic CalculatorENIACColossus computer

Question 5: The publication of the Honeywell v. Sperry Rand decision coincided with the event of the Saturday Night Massacre, one of many events in the ongoing Watergate scandal of ________'s presidency.
George H. W. BushRonald ReaganGerald FordRichard Nixon

Question 6: The ENIAC patent was unenforceable (not invalid) on the grounds of unnecessary and unreasonable delay before the ________ (Finding 11).
Canadian Intellectual Property OfficeMinority Business Development AgencyUnited States Patent and Trademark OfficeCorporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office

Question 7: These included Pulitzer Prize-winning Iowan reporter Clark R. Mollenhoff and wife-and-husband team Alice Burks and ________.
Moore School LecturesJohn MauchlyArthur BurksHoneywell v. Sperry Rand

Question 8: John W. Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert were the co-inventors of the ________; other contributors to the computer's design, Arthur W. Burks, T.
ENIACColossus computerAtanasoff–Berry ComputerElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator

Question 9: Through its successor machine the EDVAC and the principles disseminated at the Moore School Lectures, the ________ influenced all future computing machines.
ENIACComputerAtanasoff–Berry ComputerColossus computer

Question 10: The legality of a 1956 patent-sharing agreement between Sperry Rand and ________ (itself born out of patent litigation), which was contended to represent an illegal collusion in violation of antitrust laws.
Intel CorporationIBMHewlett-PackardGeneral Electric


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