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Question 1: Larvae are initially fed with ________ produced by worker bees, later switching to honey and pollen.
CyanocobalaminRoyal jellyVitaminFolic acid

Question 2: It is conjectured that Dicistroviridae like the ________ may influence the genetic material of the ribosomes, which are responsible for protein production of cells.
Diseases of the honey beeBeekeepingColony collapse disorderEuropean honey bee

Question 3: All living species of Apis have had their honey gathered by indigenous peoples for consumption, though for commercial purposes only ________ and Apis cerana have been exploited to any degree.
European honey beeHoney beeAfricanized beeBeekeeping

Question 4:
What is the genus authority of Honey bee?
Jeannel, 1920
Linnaeus, 1758
Leach, 1814
H. E. Robinson et R. D. Brettell

Question 5:
What is the subclassis of Honey bee?

Question 6: Honey is sometimes also gathered by humans from the nests of various ________.
European honey beeStingless beeHoney beeAfricanized bee

Question 7: Honey bees, signifying immortality and resurrection, were royal emblems of the ________, revived by Napoleon.
Julio-Claudian dynastyPippinidsCapetian dynastyMerovingian dynasty

Question 8: ________ and stingless bees - are also social to some degree, and social behavior seems a plesiomorphic trait that predates the origin of the genus.
Honey beeBumblebeeInsectArthropod

Question 9: Widely known as the "________", Africanized bees are highly defensive hybrids between European stock and the African subspecies A. m. scutellata; they are thus often called "Africanized bees".
Honey beeEuropean honey beeAfricanized beeBeekeeping

Question 10: Two species of honey bee, A. mellifera and A. cerana, are often maintained, fed, and transported by ________.
Africanized beeEuropean honey beeBeekeepingBeehive


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