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Question 1:
What class does Honda CB750 belong to?
standard bike
3rd year student of Todo Academy

Question 2:
What engine does the Honda CB750 use?
2.0L or 2.2L Slant Four
248 cc Four-stroke, water cooled, DOHC
2.2 L Lotus 912 Slant Four
SOHC air-cooled straight four

Question 3:
What company manufactures Honda CB750?

Question 4: [10][9] The ________ ranked the Honda CB750 third among the top ten greatest motorbikes of all time.
Discovery Channel (South East Asian TV channel)TLC (TV channel)Discovery ChannelScience Channel

Question 5: The bike was targeted directly at the US market after Honda officials, including founder ________, repeatedly met with US dealers and understood the opportunity for a larger bike.
Tadao BabaSoichiro HondaHonda VF and VFRAcura

Question 6: Honda CB750 at the ________
Open Directory ProjectTime WarnerJim BarksdaleLife (magazine)

Question 7: ________ of Japan introduced the CB750 motorcycle to the US and European markets in 1969 after experiencing success with their smaller motorcycles.

Question 8: The CB750 was the first modern four-cylinder machine from a mainstream manufacturer[8], and the term ________ was coined to describe it.
Honda CBR1100XXHonda CB500 twinSport bikeHonda CB750

Question 9: [1] The model is included in the AMA Hall of Fame Classic Bikes,[2][3] the ________'s "Greatest Motorbikes Ever,"[4] and was in The Art of the Motorcycle exhibition.
Science ChannelDiscovery Channel (South East Asian TV channel)Discovery ChannelTLC (TV channel)

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