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Homunculus argument: Quiz


Question 1: The assumption here is that there is a 'little man' or '________' inside the brain 'looking at' the movie.
RosicrucianismHomunculusAlchemyAleister Crowley

Question 2: The homunculus argument is a ________ arising most commonly in the theory of vision.
AmbiguityBegging the questionQuantificationFallacy

Question 3: Another example is with cognitivist theories that argue that the human brain uses 'rules' to carry out operations (these rules often conceptualised as being like the ________ of a computer program).
Algorithm characterizationsAlan TuringAlgorithmLogic

Question 4: In psychology and philosophy of mind, 'homunculus arguments' (or the 'homunculus fallacies') are extremely useful for detecting where theories of ________ fail or are incomplete.
MonismAristotleMindGottfried Leibniz

Question 5: The problem with the ________ argument is that it tries to account for a phenomenon in terms of the very phenomenon that it is supposed to explain.
HomunculusAleister CrowleyRosicrucianismAlchemy


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