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Homonym: Quiz


Question 1: Homonymy can lead to communicative conflicts and thus trigger lexical (________) change.
Linguistic mapOnomasiologyAcronym and initialismSemantic change

Question 2: bow – a long wooden stick with horse hair that is used to play certain ________ such as the violin
Yuri LandmanString instrumentGuqinMusical instrument

Question 3: All four are separate lexemes with separate ________, but share the one form, fluke.*[4]
Morphology (linguistics)LinguisticsEtymologyHistorical linguistics

Question 4: Words such as mouth, meaning either the orifice on one's face, or the opening of a ________ or river, are polysemous and may or may not be considered homonyms.
CavingCaveKarst topographyShow cave

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