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Homo erectus: Quiz


Question 1: Pithecanthropus erectus
Javanthropus soloensis
Meganthropus paleojavanicus
Homo erectusPeking ManHomo floresiensisHomo sapiens idaltu

Question 2:
What period does the fossils of the Homo erectus come from?
Late Atdabanian
1.9u20130.1 mya
Late Pleistocene to Recent
Late Cretaceous,

Question 3:
What genus does Homo erectus belong to?

Question 4:
What is Homo erectus's current status?

Question 5: The ________ between males and females was slightly greater than seen in H. sapiens, with males being about 25% larger than females.
Sexual dimorphismHuman physiologySexual differentiationPuberty

Question 6:
What phylum does Homo erectus belong to?

Question 7:
What is the binomial of Homo erectus?
u2020Homo ergaster
u2020Homo floresiensis
u2020Homo rudolfensis
u2020Homo erectus

Question 8: Throughout much of the 20th century, anthropologists debated the role of H. erectus in ________.
Human evolutionEvolutionary psychologyNeanderthalHomo

Question 9: This is possibly because H. ergaster first used tools of Oldowan technology and later progressed to the ________:[19] while the use of Acheulean tools began ca.
PaleolithicAcheuleanStone AgeStone tool

Question 10: Some call H. ergaster the direct African ancestor of H. erectus, proposing that it emigrated out of Africa and migrated into ________, branching into a distinct species.

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