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Homelessness in Japan: Quiz


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Question 1: In 2009 ________ zoo, which is publicly funded, bought six koalas, which cost a combined $1.4 million per year to feed.

Question 2: In ________ officials claimed there were around 3,700 homeless in Tokyo alone.

Question 3: In ________ homelessness increased sharply due to the rise in unemployment in the 1990s.
CambodiaCanadaJapanUnited Kingdom

Question 4: Some specific aspects of Japanese homelessness are due to the ________ of Japanese society.
Talcott ParsonsSocial structureSystems theorySociology

Question 5: Hence, not only elderly men, who face ________ and cannot find employment, but unmarried men over 35 years old have difficulties in finding employment.

Question 6: This has resulted in higher ________, a contributing factor towards potential homelessness.
Gap yearUnderemploymentDiscouraged workerUnemployment

Question 7: Only in ________ did Tokyo at last acknowledge the existence of the homeless and start negotiating.


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