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Home front during World War II: Quiz


Question 1: During the war, ________ became involved with their respective home fronts to educate them on how to protect themselves, their country, and aid the war effort.

Question 2: During rapid German advances in the early months of the war, nearly reaching the cities of Moscow and ________, the bulk of Soviet industry which could not be evacuated was either destroyed or lost due to German occupation.
RussiaBashkortostanSaint PetersburgLeningrad Oblast

Question 3: Soviet ________ toned down socialist rhetoric of the past as the people now rallied by a belief of protecting their motherland against the evils of German invaders.
DisinformationAd hominemIndoctrinationPropaganda

Question 4: The discovery of the poor health and hygiene of evacuees was a shock to many Britons, and helped prepare the way for the ________.
Labour Party (UK)David Lloyd GeorgeConservative Party (UK)Beveridge Report

Question 5: Cities like ________ ballooned with new arrivals.
KunmingDiqing Tibetan Autonomous PrefectureYunnanTransportation in Yunnan

Question 6: With the British recruiting Indian soldiers in large numbers as well as the Japanese recruiting Indian expatriates into the ________ (INA), a state of civil war existed on the east Indian border with Indians killing Indians.
Indian National ArmyINA trialsIndische LegionArzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind

Question 7: Many things were conserved to turn into weapons later, such as fat for ________ production.
CorditeErythritol tetranitratePentaerythritol tetranitrateNitroglycerin

Question 8: The home front is the name given to the activities of the civilians when their nation is at ________.
Military strategyWarAerial warfareMilitary history

Question 9: Frequently, women were needed to work during this period because the ________ were at war.

Question 10: ________ suffered the second highest number of casualties of the entire war.
Time in ChinaReligion in ChinaChinaProvince (China)

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