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Home front: Quiz


Question 1: Home front is the informal term commonly used to describe the civilian populace of the ________ at war as an active support system of its military.
NationEthnic groupLawNation state

Question 2: During the ________, the capacity of Northern factories proved as decisive in winning the war as the skills of the generals of either side.
Bleeding KansasUnited StatesTennesseeAmerican Civil War

Question 3: In contract, since the French Revolution the state was increasingly percived as belonging to "The People", a perception shared - though in different forms - by Democracy, ________, and Fascism.
SocialismCommunist stateMarxismCommunism

Question 4: This military view of civilian targets has profound effects on the equity of applied legal principles on which the prosecution of ________ are based.
War rapeGenocideHuman rightsCrime against humanity

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