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Question 1: As multitasking was not common on home computers until late in the '80s, this lack of ________ support wasn't much of a liability.
LinuxJava (programming language)UnixApplication programming interface

Question 2: While the Apple II would be quickly displaced by the IBM PC for office use, ________'s 1984 release of the Apple Macintosh created a new model for the home computer which IBM-compatible computers would eventually imitate.
Apple Inc.Intel CorporationMac OS XMicrosoft

Question 3: 1979: ________ (first home computer with a 16-bit processor)
Commodore 64MSXTexas Instruments TI-99/4AFloppy disk

Question 4: Games for many 8 and 16 bit platforms are becoming available for the ________.
Wii RemoteWii Balance BoardVirtual ConsoleWiiWare

Question 5: ________
History of operating systemsHistory of personal computersTimeline of computing 1950–1979History of computing hardware (1960s–present)

Question 6: One system for which many emulators exist is the ________.
Zilog Z80MSXFloppy diskHome computer

Question 7: Am.) (custom graphic & ________ chipset, best-selling computer model of all time: ~ 30 million sold)
Mixing consoleDigital audio editorSynthesizerSound recording and reproduction

Question 8: Many home computers initially used the then-ubiquitous ________ as a storage mechanism.
Reel-to-reel audio tape recordingCompact DiscGramophone recordCompact Cassette

Question 9: ________ is gaining in popularity, with many enthusiasts using real Commodore 64 hardware to perform modern tasks such as surfing the web and email.
RetrocomputingOperating systemApple II seriesCP/M

Question 10: Am.) Final, most advanced 8-bit Commodore, retained full C64 compatibility while adding ________ in a complex multi-mode architecture
MS-DOSOperating systemCP/MUnix


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