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Question 1: The Home Rule League, sometimes called the Home Rule Party, was a political party which campaigned for home rule for the island of Ireland from 1873 to 1882, when it was replaced by the ________.
John RedmondIrish Unionist AllianceAll-for-Ireland LeagueIrish Parliamentary Party

Question 2: In ________, Parnell was elected chairman of the party, and in the 1880 general election, the party increased its number of seats.
195918801998March 4

Question 3: In ________, as part of a wholescale move from being an informal alliance to a cohesive unified, whipped political movement Parnell renamed it the Irish Parliamentary Party to pursue Irish Home Rule.

Question 4: The party under Parnell, himself a Protestant, became more radical, middle class, and ________.
Pope Gregory IPope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope

Question 5: This radical wing of the party famously decided to launch parliamentary ________ to obstruct the passage of Parliamentary business, to the embarrassment of Butt and frustration of successive British governments.
Roman consulUnited States SenateFilibuster (United States Senate)Filibuster


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