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Holy Saturday: Quiz


Question 1: Just before the Gospel reading (Matthew 28:1-20) the hangings, altar cloths, and vestments are changed from ________ to white and the deacon performs a censing of the church.
RedGreyBlackSilver (color)

Question 2: Many of the churches of the ________ as well as Lutheran, Methodist, and some other Churches observe most of the same; however, their altars may be covered in black instead of being stripped.
CatholicismAnglican CommunionAnglicanismEpiscopal Church (United States)

Question 3: ________ after the Good Friday service is given only as Viaticum to the dying.
Eucharistic theologyEucharistTransubstantiationSacramental bread

Question 4: This day commemorates the day that ________'s body lay in the tomb.
GospelNew TestamentJesusNew Testament view on Jesus' life

Question 5: In the Greek tradition the ________ strew laurel leaves and flower petals all over the church to symbolize the shattered gates and broken chains of hell and Jesus' victory over death.

Question 6: The entire service takes place around the Epitaphios (Slavonic: Plashchanitza), an ________ in the form of a cloth embroidered with the image of Christ being prepared for burial.
Hagia SophiaByzantine EmpireByzantine IconoclasmIcon

Question 7: While the liturgical atmosphere changes from sorrow to joy at this service, the Paschal greeting, "Christ is risen!" is not exchanged until after the ________ later that night, and the faithful continue to fast.
PentecostarionEasterGood FridayEaster Vigil

Question 8: In Roman Catholic Churches, the sanctuary remains stripped completely bare (following the Mass on ________) while the administration of the sacraments is severely limited.
EasterMaundy ThursdayPalm SundayGood Friday

Question 9: Holy Saturday (Latin: Sabbatum Sanctum) is the day after ________.
Good FridayEasterPalm SundayEaster Monday

Question 10: After the ________ there are 15 Old Testament readings which recall the history of salvation.
Orthodox ChurchEntrance (liturgical)AltarDivine Liturgy


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