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Question 1: The number of territories in the Empire was considerable, rising to approximately 300 at the time of the ________.
Peace of WestphaliaHoly Roman EmpireThirty Years' WarArchdiocese of Bremen

Question 2:
What type of government does Holy Roman Empire have?
District Government
Elective monarchy

Question 3: The conflict between several competing popes was only resolved at the ________ (1414–1418); after 1419, much energy was spent on fighting the heresy of the Hussites.
Council of ConstancePapal conclave, 1378Papal conclave, 1431Papal conclave, 1406

Question 4: Nevertheless, their participation was formally acknowledged only as late as in 1648 with the ________ ending the Thirty Years' War.
Peace of WestphaliaArchdiocese of BremenHoly Roman EmpireBremen

Question 5:
Where does Holy Roman Empire come from?
Germany and Austria
Germany, Austria
Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Question 6: The gradual ________ of these lands was a complex phenomenon which should not be interpreted in terms of 19th century nationalism's bias.

Question 7:
What region does Holy Roman Empire belong to?
Pays de la Loire
Mu00F8re og Romsdal
South East England
Central Europe

Question 8:
What is the native name for Holy Roman Empire
Chitrakoot Dham
Imperium Romanum Sacrum

Question 9:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Holy Roman Empire?
For the full list of Holy Roman Emperors, see Holy Roman Emperor.
Lars Sponheim
Redha Malek
Jorge Manuel Pereira Rodrigues

Question 10: He did not need to be a German (________ was not).
Al-AndalusSpainAlfonso X of CastileMoors


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