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Holstein: Quiz


Question 1: It is part of ________, the northernmost state of Germany.

Question 2: Holstein was occupied by ________ after the Battle of Stellau (1201), but was reconquered by Schauenburg in the Battle of Bornhöved (1227).

Question 3: The Duke of Holstein-Gottorp became emperor of Russia in 1762 as Peter III and was planning an attack on Denmark to recover the lost ________ lands in Schleswig.
Holstein-GlückstadtDukes of Holstein-GottorpBremen-VerdenSaxe-Lauenburg

Question 4: It was a county from 1111–1474; it was first a fief of the ________, then of the Duchy of Saxe-Lauenburg, and finally of the Bishopric of Lübeck.
Archdiocese of BremenDuchy of SaxonyGermanyHamburg

Question 5: As of ________, Holstein bordered Denmark in the north, the Principality of Lübeck (an exclave of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg), the Free and Hanseatic City of Lübeck, and the Duchy of Saxe-Lauenburg in the east, and the Kingdom of Hanover and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in the south.
1957January 11864March 4

Question 6: Holstein (German pronunciation: [ˈhɔlʃtain]) (Low German: Holsteen, Danish: Holsten, Latin and historical English: Holsatia) is the region between the rivers ________ and Eider.
Czech RepublicElbeHamburgGermany

Question 7: Holstein, essentially the part of Old Saxony that was situated north of the river Elbe, was conquered by ________ ca.
CharlemagneAlboinLothair ILouis the Pious

Question 8: From 1815 to 1864 it was a member of the ________, though still in personal union with Denmark (the King of Denmark being also Duke of Holstein).
German EmpireGerman ConfederationPrussiaNorth German Confederation

Question 9: The history of Holstein is closely intertwined with the history of the Danish Duchy of ________.
Second Schleswig WarDuchy of SchleswigSchleswig-HolsteinHistory of Schleswig-Holstein

Question 10: In 1490, Holstein was divided into Holstein-Segeberg and ________.
Bremen-VerdenSaxe-LauenburgHolstein-GlückstadtDukes of Holstein-Gottorp


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