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Question 1: The holotype of Pelorosaurus humerocristatus, a large herbivore dinosaur from the early ________ period, is a fossil leg bone stored at the Natural History Museum in London.
TriassicGeologic time scaleJurassicCretaceous

Question 2: For example in both the ICBN and the ICZN a "________" is a type that was later appointed in the absence of the original holotype.
Type (biology)Biological classificationName-bearing typeBotanical name

Question 3: Sometimes just a fragment of an organism is the holotype, for example in the case of a rare ________.
FossilPaleontologyGeologyGeologic time scale

Question 4: A holotype is a single physical example (or illustration) of an organism, known to have been used when the ________ (or lower-ranked taxon) was formally described.
SpeciesBiological classificationLifeEvolution

Question 5: For example, the holotype for the butterfly Lycaeides idas longinus is held by the Museum of Comparative Zoology at ________, and the holotype for the extinct mammal Cimolodon is at the University of Alberta.
Brown UniversityHarvard UniversityRutgers UniversityHarvard Crimson

Question 6: A holotype is one of several possible ________.
Botanical nameName-bearing typeBiological classificationType (biology)


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