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Holographic Versatile Disc: Quiz


Question 1: ________
High definition optical disc format warBlu-ray Disc AssociationBlu-ray DiscHD DVD

Question 2:
What is the capacity of Holographic Versatile Disc?
1 to 10TB,

Question 3:
What entity owns Holographic Versatile Disc?
Athletic Park Company
Jack Brisco
State of Alaska DOT&PF - Central Region
HSD Forum

Question 4:
What type is thing is Holographic Versatile Disc?
Ultra-high density optical disc
Stone sculpture

Question 5: A ________ laser is used as the reference beam to read servoinformation from a regular CD-style aluminum layer near the bottom.
BlueGreenOrange (colour)Indigo

Question 6: Such large optical storage capacities compete favorably with the ________ format.
Blu-ray DiscHD DVDDVDOptical disc authoring

Question 7: The system uses a green ________, with an output power of 1 watt which is quite high power for a consumer device laser.
Laser applicationsHeliumX-rayLaser

Question 8: A dichroic mirror layer between the holographic data and the servo data reflects the green laser while letting the ________ red lasers pass through.
Orange (colour)IndigoViolet (color)Blue

Question 9: On a CD or ________ this servoinformation is interspersed amongst the data.
DVDHD DVDBlu-ray DiscLaserdisc

Question 10: So a major challenge of the project for widespread consumer markets is to either improve the sensitivity of the ________ used, or develop and commoditize a laser capable of higher power output and suitable for a consumer unit.
NylonPlasticPolymer chemistryPolymer


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