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Question 1: The “less affected” list noted the ________ and northern parts of Kiev and Vinnytsya oblasts.
Cherkasy OblastChernihiv OblastKhmelnytskyi OblastKiev Oblast

Question 2: 1983 Holodomor monument in Edmonton, ________, the first in the world.
United KingdomCanadaUnited StatesBarbados

Question 3: A Holodomor memorial in Poltava Oblast, ________

Question 4: Poster by artist Leonid Denysenko from ________
AustraliaUnited KingdomCanadaBarbados

Question 5: Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister ________ attended a vigil in Kiev.
Stephen HarperPeter MacKayDiane AblonczyJason Kenney

Question 6: The document specified that flags in Ukraine should fly at ________ as a sign of mourning.
Remembrance DayPope John Paul IIHalf-staffGeorge W. Bush

Question 7: The famine affected the Ukrainian SSR as well as the ________ (a part of the Ukrainian S.S.R.
MoldovaMoldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist RepublicMoldavian Soviet Socialist RepublicSoviet Union

Question 8: [63][64][65][66] This denial and suppression was made in official ________ and was supported by some Western journalists and intellectuals.
Active measuresPropaganda in the Soviet UnionCommunist propagandaSoviet influence on the peace movement

Question 9: On November 22, 2008, ________ marked the beginning of National Holodomor Awareness Week.
UkraineUkrainian diasporaCanadaUkrainian Canadian

Question 10: [41] In that conversation,[42] Stalin gave Churchill his estimates of the number of "kulaks" who were repressed for resisting ________ as 10 million, in all of the Soviet Union, rather than only in Ukraine.
VietnamCollective farmingJoseph StalinWorld War II

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