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Question 1: The interior was connected with the surface by a hole in the ________.
North American ArcticArcticDesertAntarctica

Question 2: Using this method, geologists have been able to establish the structure of mantle, outer core, and ________ known today.
Plate tectonicsEarthInner coreCrust (geology)

Question 3: More recently, the idea has become a staple of science fiction, appearing in print, in film, on television, in comics, ________, and in many animated works.
Role-playing game (pen and paper)Role-playing gameLive action role-playing gameRole-playing game terms

Question 4: Teed founded a ________ called the Koreshan Unity based on this notion, which he called Koreshanity.
Anti-cult movementPost-cult traumaCultOpposition to cults and new religious movements

Question 5: The pages of the science fiction pulp magazine ________ promoted one such idea from 1945 to 1949 as "the Shaver Mystery".
If (magazine)Amazing StoriesWonder StoriesScience fiction magazine

Question 6: However in his Letters to a German princess[3] Euler describes a ________ involving a patently solid Earth.
Gottfried LeibnizPhysicalismAvicennaThought experiment

Question 7: In one chapter of his book On the Wild Side (1992), ________ discusses the hollow Earth model articulated by Abdelkader.
James RandiCharles FortNew AgeMartin Gardner

Question 8: He envisaged the atmosphere inside as luminous (and possibly inhabited) and speculated that escaping gas caused the ________.
Super Dual Auroral Radar NetworkMagnetosphereCluster missionAurora (astronomy)

Question 9: The hypothesis has long been contradicted by overwhelming observational evidence, as well as by the modern understanding of ________; the scientific community has dismissed the notion since at least the late 18th century.
JupiterStarNebular hypothesisSolar System

Question 10: He proposed making an expedition to the ________ hole, thanks to efforts of one of his followers, James McBride.
Arctic CircleArctic explorationArctic OceanNorth Pole

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