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Hollister Co.: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following is a key person at Hollister Co.?

Question 2:
What type is thing is Hollister Co.?

Question 3: was born in 1920, and after "discovering ________ and himself" with his love for the South Pacific in mind John Sr.
Sacramento, CaliforniaLos AngelesCaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 4:
Where are the headquarters of Hollister Co.?
Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
The business hub, Pinelands
Kalhu , Assur, Nineveh, Harran, Dur-Sharrukin
2, rue Troyon 92316 Su00E8vres CEDEX France

Question 5: Outerwear at its highest is at ________200.00,[14] and jeans at their highest at $80.
Federal Reserve SystemHawaiiUnited States dollarUnited States

Question 6: The first store was opened in July 2000 at the Easton Town Center in ________.
Ohio StatehouseClevelandColumbus, OhioAkron, Ohio

Question 7: All of Abercrombie & Fitch Co.'s spin-off brands have an accompanying fictional background (including RUEHL No.925 and ________).
UndergarmentThong (clothing)Victoria's SecretGilly Hicks

Question 8: Hollister California pursues the technique of "walking self-marketing", where in wearing an item of clothing from HCO results in direct ________.
AdvertisingProduct placementBrandAdvertising research

Question 9: This is notably achieved through the large ________ or screenprint of the brand's name, initials, fictional date of establishment and the flying seagull logo on the vast majority of their merchandise.
SewingCanvas workEmbroideryNeedlepoint

Question 10: Though not yet officially stated, locations in Asia (particularly in ________) will open within the following decade.
JapanUnited KingdomCanadaCambodia


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