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Holkar: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (born 1694, died 1766) established the family's rule over Indore.
Malhar Rao HolkarMaratha EmpireSadashivrao BhauAhilyabai Holkar

Question 2: Rani Ahilyadevi was a great builder and patron of many ________ temples, who embellished Maheshwar and Indore.

Question 3: His son ________ (reigned 1797-1811) (also called as Jaswant Rao) succeeded him upon his death.
Malhar Rao HolkarYashwantrao HolkarDaulat ScindiaBaji Rao II

Question 4: He commanded Maratha armies in Malwa region in the 1720s, and in 1733 was granted the ________ state as a fief by the Peshwa.
Hyderabad, IndiaDelhiMumbaiIndore

Question 5: He was succeeded by ________ (reigned 1767-1795), his daughter-in-law.
Malhar Rao HolkarScindia familyAhilyabai HolkarMaratha Empire

Question 6: She moved the capital to Maheshwar, south of Indore on the ________.
Satpura National ParkNarmada RiverMadhya PradeshAgra

Question 7: She also built temples at sacred sites outside her kingdom, from ________ in Gujarat east to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple at Varanasi on the Ganges.
UjjainMathura, Uttar PradeshVrindavanDwarka

Question 8: ________ (as a regent) (reigned 5 April 1767 - 13 August 1795)
Maratha EmpireScindia familyAhilyabai HolkarMalhar Rao Holkar

Question 9: (The Princely State of Indore was merged with the Union of India in 1948 and became a part of Madhya Bharat state, Yeshwantrao II was the ________ of Madhya Bharat from 1948-61)
RajpramukhBombay StateMadhya PradeshVindhya Pradesh


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