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Question 1: Fourth, children need to learn about ________ – This encourages the student to see the beauty of what is around them and learn to have awe in life.
Arthur SchopenhauerDavid HumeApplied aestheticsAesthetics

Question 2: The concept of ________ refers to the idea that all the properties of a given system in any field of study cannot be determined or explained by the sum of its component parts.
ReductionismHolismBertrand RussellLudwig Wittgenstein

Question 3: There is a debate on whether holistic education is connected to the idea of holistic education which is used to refer to education in holistic health or spiritual practices such as ________ and yoga.
Christian naturismMassageBarefootSauna

Question 4: ________ referred to this as “self-actualization”.
Clinical psychologyAbraham MaslowCarl RogersPsychology

Question 5: Rather than seeing education as a process of transmission and transaction, ________ involves a change in the frames of reference that a person may have.
Constructivism (learning theory)EmotionTransformative learningJean Piaget

Question 6: The term holistic education is often used to refer to the more democratic and humanistic types of ________.
SchoolSecondary educationFree schoolAlternative education

Question 7: Originating theorists include Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Thoreau, ________, Johann Pestalozzi, Friedrich Fröbel, and Francisco Ferrer.
Louisa May AlcottHenry David ThoreauOrchard HouseAmos Bronson Alcott


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