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Holism: Quiz


Question 1: Further, many academic programs following this approach take a "four-field" approach to anthropology that encompasses physical anthropology, ________, linguistics, and cultural anthropology or social anthropology.
MiningEngineeringCivil engineeringArchaeology

Question 2: Scholars such as ________ [11] and M.
PerceptionJ. Robert OppenheimerDavid BohmRoger Wolcott Sperry

Question 3: In more recent times, Louis Dumont [10] has contrasted "holism" to "________" as two different forms of societies.
Classical liberalismMax StirnerIndividualist anarchismIndividualism

Question 4: In authentic assessment, rather than using computers to score multiple choice tests, a ________ uses trained scorers to score open-response items using holistic scoring methods.
Standardized testHolistic gradingStandards-based assessmentOutcome-based education

Question 5: In the ________, a mental state may be identified only in terms of its relations with others.
René DescartesPhilosophy of artificial intelligencePragmatismPhilosophy of mind

Question 6: Émile Durkheim developed a concept of holism which he set as opposite to the notion that a ________ was nothing more than a simple collection of individuals.
Jürgen HabermasSocietyDemocracyPolitical philosophy

Question 7: Holistic concepts are strongly represented within the thoughts expressed within Logos (per ________), Panentheism and Pantheism.

Question 8: Sanduk [12] consider the society through the ________.
Nuclear fusionFusion powerPlutoniumPlasma (physics)

Question 9: Some leading anthropologists disagree, and consider anthropological holism to be an artifact from 19th century social evolutionary thought that inappropriately imposes scientific positivism upon ________.
Linguistic anthropologySocial anthropologyCultureCultural anthropology

Question 10: A lively debate has run since the end of the 19th century regarding the functional organization of the ________.
BrainSensory systemNervous systemDigestion

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